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Event Overview

On behalf of the California Collaborative for Climate Change Solutions (C4S), formed in 2018 by the University of California Office of the President in partnership with Caltech, Stanford, and the California State University system, we are organizing a public-private partnered report on Bending the Curve: Overarching Solutions for a Rapidly Warming California. Towards this goal, a brainstorming summit is being organized at the University of California, San Diego, on November 18th.

The starting point of our effort is a portfolio of 55+ solutions that were proposed by C4S affiliates in 2018. That call was restricted solely to academics. This time around, we are opening the discussions to partners from the private sector and the state government. We have enlisted the enthusiastic support for participation from various private sector leaders alongside our academic participants. See below for list of attendees.

If you have ideas for submission of solutions or idea for potential partners from the private sector or foundations, or if you have any questions please email C4S Event Coordination Team: Paula Ezcurra (pezcurra@ucsd.edu), Lifang Chiang (Lifang.chiang@ucop.edu), and V. Ramanathan (vramanathan@ucsd.edu).

 Looking for a stimulating brainstorming session at La Jolla



Plenary Livecast Videos

The Plenary Livecasts can be viewed at this link:


Serge Dedina (Mayor, Imperial Beach):
Climate Impacts in a Coastal California Town

Benjamin Houlton (C4S Co-Chair; Professor and Director, UC DaviS Muir Institute):
Fast-tracking Climate Actions via Public-Private Partnerships

William Collins (Director, Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division and Era, UC Berkeley):
Climate at the Crossroads: Choosing our Planet’s Future

Sharon Tomkins (Vice President, SOCAL & SEMPRA)
Beyond Fossil Fuels: Energy Industry Perspective

Cliff Rechtschaffen (Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission)
Californians’ access to reliable infrastructure & services including power

Fonna Forman (Director, Center on Global Justice, UC San Diego)
The Human Face of Climate Crisis & Need for Social Transformation

Byron Washom (Director of Strategic Energy Initiative, UC San Diego)
Microgrid for adaptation (to fires) and mitigation

Snapshot of scalable solutions that will accelerate
California’s climate mitigation actions

Summary Table
Table summarizing all Solutions. Includes title, author, affiliating institution, topic area, and pages where the full solution can be found in the document below.

Snapshot document
Includes the full version of 55 climate solutions proposals listed in the table above under six overarching categories: science, societal transformation, technology – super pollutants mitigation, technology – atmospheric carbon extraction, and adaptation – building resilience.

Planning Committee

V. Ram Ramanathan
C4S Co-Chair and Frieman Presidential Chair in Climate Sustainability at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

Ben Houlton
C4S Co-Chair and Director of the John Muir Institute of the Environment at UC Davis

Fonna Forman
Associate Professor of Political Science and Founding Director of the Center on Global Justice, UC San Diego

Wendell Brase
Associate Chancellor at UC Irvine and Co-Chair of the UC’s Global Climate Leadership council

Mac McQuown
Co-Founder & Director, DCI Investments and Owner of Stone Edge Farms

Lifang Chiang
C4S Principle Academic Coordinator, and Research Strategist and Portfolio Manager at the UC Office of the President

Summit Secretariat

Paula Ezcurra
Project Coordinator

Astrid Hsu
C4S Research Associate

Bridey Scully
Societal Transformation Group and Summit Event Support